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Orbcom distinguished as Excellence SMB 2020

Orbcom was distinguished once again by IAPMEI with the status of Excellence SMB.

May 2021

How to Connect Remote and Branch Offices

For businesses with different branches, it is essential to have an efficient VoIP communications system, with quality services.

May 2021

Green light for fleet innovation in Europe

If you want to take a journey around the world from behind your computer, the 2021 Global Fleet Conference is the place to be! One of the regions the 12-hour conference will focus on is Europe.

Apr 2021

Orbcom is an official sponsor of the Global Fleet Conference 2021

On 12 May, the Global Fleet Conference will take its participants in a journey around the world, across 6 continents in 12 hours.

Apr 2021

6 Helpful tips for choosing the right fleet management software

In this article, you can find some tips on how to choose the right fleet management software, that can help you manage your workforce efficiently and give you powerful insights about your fleet.

Apr 2021

Is it too complicated to implement an IP-PBX communications center?

The myth that the implementation of an IP-PBX solution is very complicated is based on outdated perceptions and should be demystified.

Apr 2021

Improve your customer service with an IVR Menu

The IVR menu is the automated voice system you get when you call a business. Typically, it offers menu options to redirect the call to the appropriate department or operator.

This way, it’s very important for the IVR menu to have a good structure; otherwise it could lead to customer’s frustration.

Feb 2021

Meet the new Jat Fleet feature: Requests

Jatfleet has a new functionality that allows the user to make a request for information to a certain recipient, selecting the type of request, and adding a personalized description and documents/images.

Fuel Averages

Regular monitoring of the fleet´s efficient levels is important in order to anticipate any problems.

Feb 2021

Km Analyzer JatFleet

The Km analyzer is one of the indicators present in Jatfleet, which allows the user to check a set of data relating to the mileage of the vehicles.

Feb 2021

Follow me, an Orbox feature

The Follow Me feature is a call forwarding feature that allows your communications/phone system to find your users, even if you’re at home or in a business trip.

Jan 2021

JAT Fleet - New features available

Meet the new JAT Fleet version.

Jan 2021

Increase the efficiency of call management with the Orbox Operator Panel

The Orbox Operator Panel is an area specially developed to allow the supervision of calls, with features that aim to improve the efficiency regarding to communications management.

Jan 2021

6 Tips for Remote Fleet Management

With the right tools, it´s possible to manage your fleet remotely.

Jun 2020

Orbcom was distinguished as a PME Leader 2020!

Dec 2020

Using an IP-PBX - Benefits for Your Business

Using a smart and flexible IP-PBX offers multiple advantages that can transform your business communication. Come meet the 5 main benefits of using a communications central as Orbox.

Nov 2020

How to improve uptime and manage fleet maintenance with JATFleet

Jat Fleet is a platform that gives the possibility to manage and analyze the various activities that are necessary for a good fleet management.

Oct 2020

4 Contact Center Performance Indicators that should be analyzed

Some indicators objectively reflect the quality and efficiency of service and the overall performance of communications.

Oct 2020

Orbcom at NextStep 2020

Orbcom is a sponsor of NextStep, which will take place on the 15th and 16th of September.

Aug 2020

The advantages of an alert system in Fleet Management

JAT Fleet Management is a solution for fleet managers that offers an alert system, easy to setup, in order to promote good communication between teams, as well as good fleet management practices.

Jun 2020

Total Cost of Ownership

Find out how TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is calculated in JAT Fleet Management.

Jun 2020

Preparing the Future: Continuous Teamwork anywhere, anytime

Orbcom offers solutions that enable message sharing, archiving, video conferencing, calling and other tools used to optimize teamwork.

Apr 2020

Orbcom joins COTEC -PME Innovation Network

We are proud to announce that Orbcom joined the COTEC- PME Innovation Network!

Jan 2020

Orbcom improves Lipor Networking System with Cisco Meraki

See the case study conducted at Lipor, which explores the implementation of the Cisco Meraki solution to simplify the management of the computer network of a reference organization in the north of Portugal.

Jan 2020

ORBCOM achieves Cisco Premier Certified Partner!

Cisco has distinguished Orbcom as a Premier Certified Partner!

Jan 2020

The Future of Work in the Age of Digital Transformation

Orbcom, in partnership with Avila Spaces, held an event with the theme “The Future of Work in the Age of Digital Transformation”.

Jan 2020

Orbcom organizes Cisco Awakenings

Orbcom organized the Cisco Awakenings 1st edition, which took place at Belém Cultural Centre, on February 6th.

Feb 2020

JAT Fleet in Turbo Frotas Magazine
JAT Fleet was highlighted as a fleet management technological solution in Turbo Frotas Magazine.

Oct 2020

How to check all your vehicle details with JAT Fleet

JAT Fleet is a fleet management solution that allows you to analyze and control all your fleet information in a quick and simple way.

To this end, it provides a specific area for the insertion and consultation of general and specific information about each vehicle.

Nov 2020

Orbcom awarded by Palo Alto Networks

Orbcom was distinguished by Palo Alto Networks with the Best Project award in the "Next Generation Firewall" category.

Mar 2019

Why invest in cybersecurity and prevent possible attacks?

In a context of new demands in the business world, which implied the transition to new working methodologies, the number of computer attacks has increased considerably. The adoption of effective security strategies to ensure the protection of corporate data must be a priority.

Feb 2021