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 JAT Fleet Management gives your team the tools and data they need to manage your fleet anytime, anywhere

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Do I need to download or install any software or application?

No, JAT Fleet is a cloud-based solution, accessible from any web-browser and device.

If I start using JAT Fleet, do I have to enter all my fleet data manually?

No. The information can be massively integrated into the platform through additional services provided by our development team.

Is it possible to integrate other platforms – (ERP's, systems used in the company)?

Currently this integration is not straightforward.

However, this integration can be developed depending on the specificity of each case. For more information consult our team must be consulted.

Is it possible to configure an approval request by user type or by the amount related to each incident reported?

In JAT Fleet, it is possible to create several types of events, depending on each companie’s needs:

  • Maintenance services
  • Inspections
  • Accidents
  • Other variables

For each type of event, the manager can define an approval flow, considering the organization's hierarchy and the expense related to each event.

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