Ai Security & Privacy Conference

Ai Security & Privacy Conference

In an era where Generative Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming our knowledge society, we stand at the crossroads of unprecedented opportunities and significant challenges.

The first edition of the AI Security & Privacy Conference aims to create a space for understanding and discussing these risks and challenges, contributing to a greater awareness of this unexplored new dimension.

It will bring together over 250 experts to discuss the myriad challenges and opportunities that Generative Artificial Intelligence presents for cybersecurity teams as well as examine how organizations can enhance their security and privacy models.



Daniel James Kinlock, Technical A. Executive at Qualys will present a session on the topic of  AI/ML in Cyber Defense: Rapid Detection and Response.

This session explores the transformative impact of AI and ML on enhancing cybersecurity. Focus on significantly reducing the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Response (MTTR) to threats. Learn how AI-based methods outperform traditional security approaches in quickly identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, strengthening defenses against evolving cyber risks. Join us for a critical examination of AI's role in future-proof cybersecurity.


The first edition of the AI Security & Privacy Conference is scheduled for March 6th at the Hilton Porto Gaia Hotel.