Using an IP-PBX - Benefits for Your Business

Using an IP-PBX - Benefits for Your Business

Using a smart and flexible IP-PBX offers multiple advantages that can transform your business communication. So, let’s reveal the key advantages of Orbox:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the main reasons why you should choose Orbox is cost saving. You do not need to invest in new equipments, as Orbox is compatible with most telephone models. This advanced IP-PBX can also reduce expenses related to the use of external systems, as with Orbox you only need one platform to manage all communications data, configure users, and make an effective data analysis.

2. Communicate with no Limits

Switching to Orbox will be a great option if your business deals with calls from several locations or you are about to enter new global markets. If you use Orbox, you can easily forward your calls to anywhere or device in the world without any extra efforts. Besides that, you can even forward the calls automatically and answer it from your mobile phone. It´s that simple!

3. Scalability

This is the main advantage from using Orbox. This is a flexible IP-PBX – it just takes a few minutes to add new users and add new settings to your communications systems. And you can do it yourself, through an easy to use platform, where you can manage everything you need.

4. Productivity Increasement

Orbox offers some wild features in the call management aspect, that can help you improve your communication experience and motivate your team, that can manage all the communications through a single platform. With features like call forwarding, call recording, call flows and time conditions, setting up the right communication for your organization it´s an attainable goal – and the best of that, is that you can do it remotely (it requires a VPN connection). On the other hand, your customers will really benefit from this and no longer have to wait a long time for their call to be answered or even wait for you to forward the call to the right person.

5. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

For companies that provide an excellent customer service: - 86% are more likely to repurchase from the company - 77% are more likely to recommend the company to others

(Source: Temkin Group, 2017)

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