Tips for Reducing Contact Center Costs

Tips for Reducing Contact Center Costs

In this article, we leave some tips for you to streamline your company's communications and at the same time reduce costs related to maintenance and operations.

1.Use a VoIP solution

Using a VoIp solution (SIP trunking) will connect your PBX to the internet, and communications will become reliable and more efficient, reducing call costs by up to 40% on local calls and 90% on international costs (on companies with several branches).


2.Automation on Calls

In a contact center, each agent performs differently, and it can take more or less time to respond to a call or forward the call to another department. The time that this process takes is, in fact, decisive, both for customer satisfaction and associated costs.

Today, there are specific call center solutions, with features to automatically forward calls to the most suitable agent, or to the agent with the most availability. Thus, it is possible to optimize call handling time and increase customer satisfaction.



In general, companies use several systems simultaneously to interact with their customers, which makes agents spend more time analyzing all the information and take longer to respond effectively. On the other hand, the use of different systems prevents companies from making an efficient global analysis of their customer service.

By using a solution that integrates all this data on a single platform, service efficiency and productivity will increase considerably.


4.Data analysis

By having access to specific service metrics, managers can easily gain visibility into their team's performance and distinguish which agents answer calls faster, as well as the time it takes to resolve the call. Another alternative to analyze service performance is access to calls recordings to check whether the techniques used in the service are being efficient and to detect possible opportunities for improvement.

To stimulate agents' motivation and competitiveness, there are solutions such as Orbox, which even make it possible to define goals to be achieved, or to implement a scoring system based on the number of calls answered.


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