How to Connect Remote and Branch Offices

How to Connect Remote and Branch Offices

It is crucial that all branches and employees are able to communicate effectively, in order to be able to operate and work with maximum productivity.

The implementation of a multi-site VoIP system can be extremely beneficial to centralize all communications and overcome common problems between branches, such as the costs of calls between offices and the lack of communication in remote work.

An IP-PBX on premises solution is ideal for managing office communications with different branches and for standardizing the efficiency of communications and the collaboration between workers. With the right solution, you'll be able to make calls between offices for free, and extend the settings made on your IP-PBX to different locations, keeping track of all calls and costs. In this case, a redundant solution is something to consider, as it ensures the PBX to work independently, even if the VoIP connection is not working.

To respond to some obstacles that may hamper this multi-office management, some PBX solutions allow you to manage all communications from a single platform - allowing you to define, for example, dialplans, flows and call forwarding with guaranteed security, for all locations.

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