Follow me, an Orbox feature

Follow me, an Orbox feature

Today, we can take our calls from multiple devices and locations - and we know how important it is for a business to answer calls at the right time.

The Follow Me feature allows your communications/phone system to find you, even if you’re at home or in a business trip. This feature is extremely useful for the day-to-day business, and it is easy to configure on the Orbox platform, that allows you to setup different destination numbers, and a timeout for each one – per example, to try a desk phone for 40 seconds and if the call is not answered, try a mobile phone.

You just have to login to your Orbox and click on the Call Routing area, enable the follow me feature and enter the different destination numbers and select an option in the timeout field.

So, every time an agent is not on the usual workplace – on a different desk or off the office - calls will still be delivered.

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