4 Contact Center Performance Indicators that should be analyzed

4 Contact Center Performance Indicators that should be analyzed

An efficient communications management and a high quality customer service is essential for the expansion of most companies and critical for businesses such as contact centers.

Access to indicators that objectively reflect the quality and efficiency of service and the overall performance of communications, is quite critical in this management, allowing, in particular, to identify some necessary improvements to increase the customer retention rate.

The ASR-Answer Success Rate (percentage of calls answered per user, in relation to the total number of calls received) is one of the fundamentals metrics to measure the communication performance of a contact center. With this indicator, analyzing the productivity of each agent and evaluating the time taken to resolve each call it´s simpler.

For a more specific analysis, the TTA-Time To Answer metric should be considered, allowing to consult the time that each user takes to answer incoming calls. This indicator is undoubtedly one of the most relevant, since the speed of the service provided is one of the main factors that lead to customer satisfaction.

To improve the time taken to answer calls, some strategies can be used, such as the implementation of IVR Menus - the customer expresses the purpose of their call by selecting an option, and the call is automatically forwarded to the most relevant department/appropriate agent.

A credible customer service must guarantee stable communications, with audio/image quality and without failing to redirect calls. One of the indicators that can be monitored to verify the stability of communications is the ALOC- Average Length of Call, which is determined by the total duration of the call, comparing to the total number of successfully answered calls. If the ALOC value is lower than normal, the cause may be related to a number of factors: the quality of the audio, the performance of the network, or some failure in the forwarding calls, which need to be corrected.

On the other hand, MOS -Mean Opinion Score indicator, also evaluates the quality of the voice, which measurements are made through technical processes, used codecs and codec bitrate. These measurements are made automatically by Orbox, which signals the MOS of each call, to help ensure the quality and increase the efficiency of the calls.

Orbox is a solution that allows access to all these indicators in a clear way, facilitating the assessment of the performance of the service at your organization.

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