The advantages of an alert system in Fleet Management

The advantages of an alert system in Fleet Management

In order to improve efficiency and increase profitability, fleet managers are increasingly investing in technological solutions to ensure the normal operation of operations and control costs.

One of the main aspects that should be taken seriously in the process of chosing a fleet management software is the ability to send alerts in real time, that can be triggered by specific events that you want to monitor in the future.

JAT Fleet Management, a fleet management solution developed by Orbcom, allows fleet managers to create an alert plan for their organization, in order to promote good communication between their team, as well as to promote good fleet management practices.

On this platform, it is possible to create specific rules that trigger the sending of alerts, as well as to setup different recipients - the fleet manager, the team manager or the designated driver.

Thus, it is possible to keep the entire team constantly informed, with frequent updates on its fleet, such as:

- Contracts about to expire;

- Insurance about to expire;

- Fuel or tolls budgets;

- Registration of new events (maintenance services, inspections, Kms registration, among others) - with an associated cost limit.

Besides that, JAT Fleet Management allows you to setup alerts from time to time - ideal for some specific situations that require a more systematic monitoring. You can, for example, create an alert that informs the finantial responsible about the contracts that are expiring.

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