Improve your customer service with an IVR Menu

Improve your customer service with an IVR Menu

The IVR menu is the automated voice system you get when you call a business. Typically, it offers menu options to redirect the call to the appropriate department or operator.

This way, it’s very important for the IVR menu to have a good structure; otherwise it could lead to customer’s frustration.


Tips For a Great IVR Menu


Keep the menu options short and simple – To keep the customer’s attention and to get them to choose the right option, the number of options should be short and easy to remember.

Add a customized message –  Most of the times IVR menus are set up to include a customized message about their activity. This message should be brief, to keep customers engaged on the phone.

Make it sound good – the recorded message should sound as natural, like a real conversation to whoever is listening.

Continue to monitor and improve your IVR menu – Continually improve your IVR menu by monitoring call details and statistics, which will give you the information you need to build a reinforcement strategy.

With Orbox, you can create your menus with a customized waiting service that can include:

- Background music

- Voice samples available for creating your message

- Multiple languages

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