How to check all your vehicle details with JAT Fleet

How to check all your vehicle details with JAT Fleet

JAT Fleet is a fleet management solution that allows you to analyze and control all your fleet information in a quick and simple way.

To this end, it provides a specific area for the insertion and consultation of general and specific information about each vehicle.

In addition to being able to consult detailed data, the user can refine his search, using some available filters - associated cost center, designated driver, fleet manager and registration / make / model of vehicle.

JAT Fleet also allows you to access each vehicle area and consult all the data you need:

• Generic information, with data about the vehicle.

• Contracts - types of existing contracts and entire contract history.

• Insurance – existing relation with insurance companies and entire insurance history.

• Events - maintenance services data, kilometers, incidents, or other events associated with the vehicle. Besides that, it allows the user to consult, in case the user has the required permissions, the entire existing event approval history.

• Diesel and toll costs, taxes, maintenance, etc.

• File with attached documents

• Analysis of possible deviations from monthly budgets - fuel consumption / tolls

• Consultation of vehicle alerts - it is possible to check the existence of alerts related to the vehicle.

All of this information can be exported to an .excel file, so that the person responsible for this data can analyze, edit or share this information with other members of his team.

If you want to see how this platform works, or even have access to a free trial, contact us! Our consultants are available to assist you.