6 Tips for Remote Fleet Management

6 Tips for Remote Fleet Management

Remote work is a reality. More and more companies are implementing telework as a strategy to adapt to the new business context.

For fleet managers, the situation is not much different. The need to manage the fleet remotely has grown considerably, with fleet managers sparing no effort to keep their fleets productive and all processes under control.


Working remotely can be a challenge, but luckily, there are several tools that can help you:


Here are some tips to remote fleet management successfully:


  1. Think about the workspace

Our daily routine has changed significantly, and at this point, we all know the importance of having an adequate work space, with a calm environment and without the existence of possible distractions.

In addition, access to a stable and well-performing Wi-Fi network is essential, allowing you to access and manage all your assets in real time and continue to receive notifications, so that you are constantly updated.

  1. Using Collaboration Tools

Nowadays, it is common knowledge that there are several tools available that allow you to communicate with your team from anywhere.

Videoconferencing tools, such as Cisco Webex, allow you to create virtual meeting rooms, screen sharing, instant messaging and file sharing. You can also organize webinars to provide important information.

In addition to these features, there is one factor that you should always take into account: security, on which Cisco platform is unbeatable.

Managing your fleet remotely and having the need to be in constant contact with your team can seem too demanding, but with the right tool, anything is possible!

With JAT Fleet Management, you can access all the information related to your fleet and share data about a specific maintenance service or even a vehicle-related document with other users.

If you already use this solution and need to add more users to your platform, you can do so, as there is no limit on the number of users you can add (don't forget to set specific permissions).

As such, however complicated it may seem, remember, there are technologies developed specifically for this type of situations, which allow you to ensure the management of all activities related to your fleet, while remaining connected with your team.


  1. Setting goals

Before implementing remote work procedures, it is important to set expectations and objectives, to ensure that your team continues to work with maximum motivation.


  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Even after the procedures are defined, make sure all team members are informed.


  1. Streamline workflow

Is your team already fully adapted to teleworking? Great! It is now important to keep the communication active, and ask your team members for frequent updates.

With a solution like JAT Fleet Management, your team can enter information anytime, from any device, allowing you to control all operations from anywhere.

In addition to being able to analyze all costs, you can consult all events registered and associated with your fleet (maintenance services, Kilometer registration, among others), regardless of their approval status.

If you use JAT Fleet Management, we remind you that you can configure various types of alerts for the whole team, for example, alert the drivers of the vehicles to some scheduled maintenance service, so that they receive notifications in real time (on the platform, email) and no information is lost.

The existing alert system in JAT Fleet Management makes it a powerful tool, allowing the fleet manager to receive alerts with critical information in real time, giving him enormous visibility about all aspects of his fleet and avoiding unnecessary downtimes and costs.

Alerts can also be programmed to be sent periodically, ensuring preventive maintenance.


  1. Using Analysis Tools

In fleet management, information based on real data is very valuable. One of the options you should consider when purchasing a fleet management solution is the possibility to export all information - contractual information, existing insurance, vehicles, costs, documents. Most importantly, it is the possibility of having access to relevant metrics for making informed decisions.

With this requirement in mind, JAT Fleet Management provides a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation tool and a Kilometer analysis tool, both providing relevant indicators, which can be used by managers in defining strategies to make their fleet profitable and increase productivity.

Even in remote work, it is possible to optimize all processes and maximize the efficiency of your fleet management, with a solution that is flexible and adapts to all your needs.


Be constantly connected with your fleet!

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