New release of JAT Fleet for greater efficiency in fleet management

New release of JAT Fleet for greater efficiency in fleet management

JAT Fleet is a platform available in the Cloud, which allows the management of all fleet data, in real time, from anywhere and any device.

Also available for Android and IOS, JAT Fleet allows detailed management of vehicle events and the production of complex customisable reports, ideal for supporting decision making.

The main goal of this solution is to eliminate workflows that require too much time and effort, centralising all critical information for efficient fleet management, providing crucial features to analyse and monitor all processes in a simpler way.

According to Hélder Costa, CEO at Orbcom, "we developed this release of JAT Fleet in order to meet the needs of fleet managers, administrators, but also of the end user. In this new version we have invested in new features, prioritising usability and accessibility, in order to provide users with a better user experience. This new release now allows even more customisation by creating new fields on the screens, with total autonomy for the end user and also customisation of document types and events to relate with vehicles, among other features that provide total autonomy to adapt the application to the needs of each business".

This executive also highlights the advantage of using the app that allows the user, in an agile manner, to enter the vehicle's mileage, enter requests, monitor its status and receive alerts directly on the mobile phone in a very simple and intuitive way.

"According to the user's profile/permission, it is also possible to approve requests directly in the APP, which simplifies the daily activity of fleet managers," emphasises Hélder Costa.

Among the advantages of this product is also the possibility to add an unlimited number of users and integrate any type of information from other systems the client already has, via web services.

The mobile app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.


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