How to improve uptime and manage fleet maintenance with JATFleet

How to improve uptime and manage fleet maintenance with JATFleet

With JAT Fleet, it is possible to record and analyze several activities (“events” in the platform) related to the use and management of all vehicles, which you consider relevant to monitor:

  • maintenance services
  • inspection
  • accidents
  • kilometer recording
  • other variables

You can setup the type of events you want to monitor in the backoffice of this platform, and make  JATFleet adjust completely to your organization needs.

In each type of event, the manager can setup an approval flow, considering the organization´s hierarchy and the cost of each event. Mandatory fields can also be parameterized.

The user may, for example, be obliged to fill in the expected cost / actual cost, add the supplier, the event details, attach a document and, if necessary, wait for an approval. It is possible to consult the history of all submitted approval requests and their detailed information, as well as the approval status (pending / approved).

Thus, the updating and centralization of all information increases the efficiency and allows you to control all the activity of your fleet:

Maintenance of a detailed history for each vehicle

Get access to all information about repairs, services and costs associated with your vehicle. Easily attach PDFs, photos and documents that detail all records on one platform. With JAT Fleet reporting, you can export all event costs associated with a specific vehicle or with all vehicles in your fleet. 

Simplification of complex workflows and cost control

By associating events with approval flows, you will have visibility into all costs and an overview of your fleet status.

Have real-time communication and minimize downtime

Interact with technicians, drivers, and other users with the JAT Fleet event and alert system and avoid delays and errors caused by poor communication.  


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