Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming!

After a few exhausting months with excessive work and electrifying routines, we all eagerly anticipate a well-deserved break. In the absence of upcoming vacations, nothing beats two extended weekends to relax and, who knows, maybe even decorate our homes for Christmas.


Certainly, this time of year is always fabulous to celebrate friendship, camaraderie, and, why not?, gather our professional family, regardless of individual beliefs.


For this reason, Orbcom and Rolling Space came together for the first time at the same institutional event. Hélder Costa (CEO of both companies) joked that he was tired of hosting two Christmas dinners, so in 2023, he decided to bring his teams together on the same day, at the same time, and in the same place.


In their professional daily lives, the teams of both companies synergize and work together in various contexts, which is why this initiative was well-received by all employees who had a great time together.


Amidst photos, laughter, songs, and raised glasses, Mrs. Claus made a brief appearance, distributing sweets and promising that Santa would be generous on December 25th with all the gifts if everyone had behaved well throughout the year.


However, we must highlight the climax of the event. With an enthusiastic speech from the CEO, some of the longest-serving employees of both Orbcom and Rolling Space were honored with symbolic awards. Some were recognized for the crucial roles they have played over the years, making significant contributions to important successes. Others were acknowledged for their professional journey within the company, embracing new challenges with courage and dedication, and progressing in their careers.


The emotional moment proved how important it is to recognize people's dedication to their work and to what we hope is their second family.


Of course, no one was forgotten, as Hélder emphasized the individual value of everyone in Orbcom and Rolling Space, as well as the importance of each person's contribution to the teams' excellent performance, ensuring that the "machine is well-oiled."


Season's greetings were shared among everyone, and now, here, we once again wish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas and a 2024 filled with accomplishments.