Fuel Averages

Fuel Averages

Regular monitoring of the fleet´s efficient levels is important in order to anticipate any problems. Vehicles that undergo regular maintenance interventions are more effective in terms of fuel usage compared to vehicles that are not regularly serviced. Changing oil and filters regularly, as well as replacement of spark plugs, improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

For this purpose, JatFleet was developed as platform that gives the possibility to analyze and manage the variety of activities necessary for good fleet management, in which case it is important to mention the fuel averages.

In this area, the user can check the current fuel consumption relatively to the registered kilometers and the respective cost per km.

When the calculation is done, it is possible to check if there is any deviation in fuel consumption in relation to what was expected for this vehicle. It is possible to export that information to an Excel file.

If you want to watch a demo video request it here-> https://www.orbcom.pt/try-jat/