6 Helpful tips for choosing the right fleet management software

1 Choose a Software that can improve compliance

Look for a fleet platform that centralizes all critical information and has features that will keep your team on top of your fleet data.

A Fleet management software should also provide a clear, concise and automated audit of all fleet-related activity and it is adopting the GDPR principles of transparency and accountability, backed by proof that we have obtained individuals’ consent to use all the data they have collected.













2 Choose a Software that can be tailored to the size and type of your fleet

The right fleet management software can be tailored to the size and type of your fleet, allowing you to add the users that you need- specifying their role in your organization and even setup permissions to add different cost centers and vehicle specifications.

Also, an ideal fleet management platform should integrate seamlessly with HR, finance, payroll, external systems such as fuel and maintenance cards, electronic purchase transactions, telematics, DVLA and HMRC.

The main features of the software should promote good practices, so be sure that it covers most of your company needs, then look at what else would be useful and what it will take to provide it.


3 Choose a Software that can promote fleet good practices

Fleet management software can play a huge role in improving employee and vehicle safety.

Check if it can be used to record daily vehicle checks, maintenance records or report incidents. A good system should be able to point out if certain services/obligations are overdue and verify if vehicle checks are being undertaken regularly.

Do not underestimate the power of a good alert system - Managers should be able to set and prioritize alerts, so that they are informed of possible deadlines, per example, contracts expiring soon.












4 Choose a Software that can maximize fleet management efficiency

Although a paperless society is a fantasy, it is a difficult goal to achieve and anything that eliminates overly tough workflows tends to be more efficient. A typical Fleet management software collects, organizes and displays information in real-time and makes it easily accessible, easing the burden of fleet managers.


5 Choose a solution that can be regularly updated

A software can be regularly updated and fleet managers should take on more work without needing more staff.

Nowadays there are several systems, easy to implement, scalable and compatible with external applications.


6 Look for the right provider as well

When choosing the right fleet management software you should consider the provider stability.

The provider should have an active support team, capable of answering your requirements, giving added value to the software itself.

When you are confident you have found a potential partner, trial your chosen system so you have hands-on experience and get feedback from those in your company who will be using it.

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