11th edition of the Fleet Management Conference _ JAT Fleet

11th edition of the Fleet Management Conference _ JAT Fleet
JAT FLEET was present for the 4th consecutive year at the Fleet Management Conference.
The 11th edition of the Fleet Management Conference took place on November 30th at the Estoril Congress Center, organized by Fleet Magazine.


JAT FLEET is a web-based fleet management platform that addresses the global administration of internal processes and procedures. With the development of JAT FLEET, Orbcom (the company that owns the solution) aims to meet the challenge posed by numerous clients who, faced with information dispersion and the attempt to control and optimize internal processes, identified the need for organization as a priority.


Over the years, JAT FLEET has evolved significantly, transitioning from a mere information repository to an intuitive, agile, and flexible platform that allows rapid access to all information. More recently, it provides a powerful real-time reporting and analysis tool, utilizing fabulous Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools.


During this exhibition, JAT FLEET engaged with numerous clients and sparked the curiosity of many companies. The pains and needs of some are the same as others, and therefore, there is nothing better than first-hand testimonials to prove the quality of what we do.



JAT FLEET is currently experiencing a period of rapid growth and is already expanding into the European market. Let yourself be fleeted and join us!


If you REALLY WANT TO SIMPLIFY your life and have, at the click of a button, all information related to your company's fleet – credit contracts, TCO, service billing (fueling, tolls, and current expenses), insurance, maintenance, drivers, vehicle allocation and reservations, reports, and much more – then don't waste time and request your demo now.



We would be delighted to provide you with a pleasant experience behind the wheel of JAT FLEET, supporting you in finding your best trajectory.


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