Take control over your communications

Make your business run better than ever with a highly customizable and smart IP-PBX.

Creating positive experiences through enhanced communications

This solution was developed to increase productivity and reduce costs associated with communications management, operations and maintenance.

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Easy to setup

Simple to setup - Supports several phone models and multiple operators and it’s easily integrated to existent centrals


Easily manage all your phone communications – through a intuitive and nice platform

Customized Reporting

View and export all the data

Stay on top of your calls

The perfect fit for your business 

Communicate without limits

Improve your customer service

Check the results

"The results in the productivity of the team were immediate, having registered an increase of 40%."

Carlos Gonçalves | Avila Business Center


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Orbox in a glance

Call Routing

Route each incoming phone call to the right person/agent at the most appropriate time.

Call Recordings

Easily record, monitor and listen to all calls conducted by your operation via an intuitive online control panel.

Intuitive Platform

Allows you to create unlimited call routes, which you can easily manage in the back-office.

IVR/Auto Attendant

Customized messages for automatic attendance- setup by extension number, by time or caller.

Call forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to predefined numbers and forward busy calls to your queue with the caller's information saved for reference.

Calls between offices at zero cost

Through data connection, it is possible to call to another offices at zero cost.

Full Reporting

Complete and customizable reporting - by user/extension/call status

Conference calls

Conference calling is a powerful feature that can save you time and money when trying to connect 3 or more people.

Voicemail & Fax to Email

Receive all faxes and voicemail messages in your email.

Hunt Groups

Distribute calls in an efficient manner. By creating a hunt group in a PBX, you minimize the chance a caller will get a busy signal when the call is received.

Call Center Module

Listen in and monitor all the calls, by agent or client.

Follow me

Select alternative destinations to dial when someone calls you, in case you are out of the office.

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