Jan 2020


Orbcom joins COTEC -PME Innovation Network

We are proud to announce that Orbcom joined the COTEC- PME Innovation Network!

We are proud to announce that Orbcom is now part of COTEC Portugal's PME Innovation Network! The PME Innovation Network aims to contribute to the collaboration between innovative companies from various industries, and thus promote their public recognition.
This admission was made public at the 9th COTEC SME Innovation Meeting, which took place on November 25, at the Cine-Teatro Garrett, located in Póvoa de Varzim.
This adhesion to the PME Innovation Network results from the innovation strategy that has been developed at Orbcom, with the focus on a culture of innovation, the qualification of the team, the adoption of new work methodologies and the development of new products, which translates into excellent solutions and services for our customers.