Meet the new Jat Fleet feature: Requests

Meet the new Jat Fleet feature: Requests

Jatfleet has a new functionality that allows the user to make a request for information to a certain recipient, selecting the type of request, and adding a personalized description and documents/images.

This way, it´s easier for the team to communicate and stay updated.

In this area, you can, per example, submit a request for more info related to a parking ticket, by entering this information:

  • License plate
  • Request type
  • Recipient
  • Description
  • Attachments (optional)

After submitted, you can quickly see the status of your request, that may require an approval (you can setup request types on the backoffice).

You can also export a list with all the requests entered in the platform to an excel document.

If you want to watch a demo video request it here