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Have you ever imagined the visibility your brand could have
being available in apps stores?
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6 billion smartphones will be in use by 2020

Smartphones are set for world domination. According to the latest research by the Groupe Speciale Mobile Association (GSMA), there will be six billion of these devices by 2020 - making up two-thirds, or two out of every three mobile connections.

Several factors are fuelling growth, GSMA Intelligence said. A fall in average selling price (ASP), driven by the proliferation of low-cost smartphones, is tempting feature phone users to upgrade.

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Move closer to your Target and stand appart from your Competitors

Have you ever imagined the visibility your brand could have just by being available in the app stores? Reach the widest audience possible through a mobile application.

Our catalogue app came to fill the existing needs in creating simple brand apps in order to promote its products. With a simple and attractive design, the application allows any user to see your products, news, directions to all stores, contacts and events, from anywhere in the World, through any SmartPhone or Tablet.


YOUR Application to YOUR needs

This mobile Catalogue includes all the features your company/brand need to promote its business and products. This information is managed through a web centralized content manager, very simple and intuitive.

What are the main advantages for your company? You can analyze consumer behavior (through detailed reports of usage), you can interact with the customer in real time, increase direct sales, enhance your brand's visibility, customer loyalty and much more!

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We'll distribute it in App Stores

After you put all the content you need to your App, we'll put it in the Apple App Store and Google Play. 15 days later, you'll see your app available and your brand exposed to million of users!

Then your clients or potential clients just need to click on "Download" and seconds later they will have full access to your products and stores. Exploring the potential of a marketing channel in expansion will enable you to communicate directly with clients.

And after all this, in the content manager platform you'll be able to see reports of usage, the most viewed products, stores and much more!


Choose the App you always wanted

Basic Catalogue App



Basic Catalogue App | 1-year contract

    5 users


    Products Catalogue

    Images Slideshow

    Youtube Videos

    Google Maps Integration

    Favorites List

    Centralized Content Management

    Usage Statistics

Premium Catalogue App



Premium Catalogue App | 1-year contract

    All Basic Catalogue App features 


    Customized Branding

    Free App Stores Distribution

    8x5 Support

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