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Orbcom receives the “Next Generation Firewall Best Project Award”


Orbcom was awarded by Palo Alto Networks in the “Next Generation Firewall Best Project” category.


Orbcom distinguished as PME Excellence 2018


ORBCOM had the privilege of being among the 2378 companies that received the distinction of PME Excellence 2018.


Why do I need CRM?


Answers to frequently asked customer relationship  management questions.


Portuguese Bar Association's agreement with Legal Matters


In order to offer benefits to the Portuguese Bar Association, Orbcom has reached an agreement with the Bar Association which includes a discount on the purchase of Legal Matters licenses.


Orbcom launches Legal Matters


In order to fill an existing need in the Legal area, not only in Portugal but worldwide, Orbcom developed a unique web platform called Legal Matters. Legal Matters includes all the necessary tools for the management and success of Law Firms, attorneys and corporate legal departments.


Orbcom holds Annual Corporate Event at Diver Lanhoso


Every year Orbcom holds its annual corporate event and this year was no expectation. Aimed at the integration of new employees and teamwork on the 19th of September, Orbcom held a day of radical activities at Diver Lanhoso, an adventure park located in Póvoa de Lanhoso.


Torre de Moncorvo launches a Mobile Tourist Guide


Since last week, the Municipality of Torre de Moncorvo has a Tourist Mobile Guide developed by Orbcom, which aims to help tourists and potential visitors to learn more about the county.


Melgaço's Alvarinho and Smoked goods fair with Cisco Meraki Technology


Melgaço's Alvarinho and Smoked goods fair (FAFM), organized by the municipality of Melgaço, took place on 1-3 May this year, attracting thousands of visitors once again.


Orbcom opens new office in Braga


With the growth and consequent entry of new employees, came the essential need to expand offices. For that reason Orbcom decided to open a new office, this time in Braga. These facilities hold a Sales department, development department and human resources.


Chaves launches a Mobile Tourist Guide


"Vive Chaves" is the name of the mobile application that allows users to have easy access to points of interest, information on restaurants, hotels, monuments, museums, spas, and may view events and other news about the “behind the mountains” city.